Clanwilliam’s ‘Aartappel fees’

We went to Clanwilliam the one weekend to partake in the annual ‘Aartappel fees’ netball tournament. I was playing for Durbanville netball club and the one girl organised accommodation at Rondeberg Resort.

We departed ready for action the Friday just before noon. Geared with awesome road trip music. There are extensive roadworks in progress on the N7 at the moment, but I believe in the end the road will be a pleasure to drive. For now the stop and go’s can be slightly discouraging.

When we arrived we quickly sorted out the sleeping arrangements. Our team were mostly single girls so we just split in 2 chalets. The chalets were very well equipped and neat. It’s always nice to arrive somewhere and you can see the owners/managers takes good care of the facilities. Rondeberg Resort offers various accommodation options, so check out there website for a full list of options and facilities available. I believe in the summer you can have lots of fun here when it’s warm enough to dip your toes in the water. There are also hiking trails to go and explore.

The Friday evening we all ‘braaied’ together. Saturday morning misty conditions greeted us and we were off to go play some netball. The tournament was so much fun and well organised. Thumbs up for the people from Clanwilliam! When we got home to our chalets at the end of the day it was a quick shower and we were off to a function in the school hall for all the players. Each girl got a 2kg pocket of potatoes as a present, where else will you get something like that as a present than in a small town. We enjoyed the evening and had a lot of fun. Even though we were really tired by the time we got back to Rondeberg.

Sunday morning we left bright and early to take the road back to Cape Town. We have made some happy memories in Clanwilliam, that will surely pop-up every time I drive past on the N7.

Visited: July 2010



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