Wild Clover Brewery

We visited The Country Restaurant at Wild Clover Brewery over the weekend. I have been wanting to go for a while now and have heard a few good comments from friends. And on a hot summers day in the winelands nothing beats an ice cold beer. I must say the restaurant has a nice large outside area, and a lot of play area for the little ones. Definitely a child friendly restaurant. They even had a jumping castle on the day. They also have a TV outside where you can follow the live sport which is always a plus.

The 4 of us ordered some pizza’s that we enjoyed thoroughly. I had the Smokey Joe with smoked chicken, Camembert, cranberries, tomatoes and rocket, which I would definitely recommend. We also opted for their craft beers instead of the normal commercially produced options. Not knowing the brand I asked the waitress which is the most popular and she recommended the Blind Mole and the Eagle Weiss. Me and my husband really enjoyed both. Spot on recommendation from her side. And the big plus, they serve it ICE COLD! Like it should be. Craft beer has definitely exploded over the last couple of years in South Africa, but they are not all equal. Wild Clover Breweries does brew some of the better ones!

Good beer, good menu. Overall a big thumbs up!


General info:

  • Location: Wild Clover Farm, R304, Stellenbosch (close to Villiera and Koelenhof wine farms)
  • Trading hours:Tuesday – Saturday: 9am – 8pm; Sunday: 9am – 5pm; Mondays closed
  • Average cost per meal: R100
  • There is also accommondation available in the form of self catering cottages overlooking a wildlife reserve, go check out their website!

Visited: December 2016



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