Hansie en Grietjie Padstal @ Vleesbaai

We have visited ‘Hansie en Grietjie Padstal‘  a few times as we often visit the area on holiday. It is an old farm workers house that the owners converted into a fully functional restaurant and gift shop like farm stalls have become known for. With baked goodies and preserves made by the locals and if you arrive at the right time, that smell of freshly baked bread (real ‘potbrood’) and roosterkoek… yum!

They have a decent menu with the old favorites as well as home baked cakes, none of those uniform perfect ones. But the flavors don’t disappoint and your taste buds would be forever thankful. They also offer a Sunday lunch, which is almost too cheap to miss at R90 per person for 3 courses, they don’t hold back on the serving size (you have to book in advance though). You are more than welcome to bring your own alcoholic drinks at no corkage charge, as they don’t have a liquor license. The chicken wrap and beef burger are my favorites.

There are no electricity and everything is either made off-site or in a gas stove. There are a generator on standby for when something needs to be heated up (and for the mommies needing to heat up a bottle for baby). There is also off course a few animals to entertain the little ones.

General info:

  • only open during weekends (8 am to 5pm) and school holidays
  • location: 1km before Vleesbaai’s entrance
  • Average cost per meal: R50

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