West Coast weekend visit

Me and some girlfriends rented a holiday house in Dwarskersbos up the West Coast, for a September weekend. Off course there was more laughing than anything else. But it was a quite enjoyable weekend. We spent most of our time chatting, walking on the beach, eating and testing out the local restaurants.

Dwarskersbos is a really small town, but it is close enough to the more popular spots like Paternoster and Langebaan (which can get crowded over peak season) to drive for an outing and get a bite to eat at the restaurants. Which is what we did as the accommondation is also slightly cheaper. We rented a house with 10 beds for R750 per night! Bargain! We arrived Friday morning and after settling in drove to Langebaan and went for lunch at Lekker-by-die-See. Here you can sit and stare at the beach while enjoying ‘homey’¬†meals. From there we went to Dockside Cafe and Lounge at the harbor for some cocktails. There was even a guy offering short donkey rides for kids. Driving around and seeing some sights before going back to our house. As it was national braai day or Heritage day we made a fire and braai’d. Who says girls needs boys to braai?

On the Saturday we went for a morning walk on the beach. We pretty much had the beach to ourselves. Then we drove through to Paternoster¬†and then enjoyed a light lunch at Paternoster Hotel. After which we went for a stroll on the beach. You can never go for too many walks on a beach. Paternoster is known for their ‘fisherman’ architectural style houses. They do make for ¬†beautiful photos. Voorstrandt restaurant, the one on the beach with the red roof, is always very popular and a good choice for seafood. It was too early for dinner so we just had a drink before driving back to Langebaan. At Langebaan we opted to have dinner at Pearly’s (on the lagoon). We all ordered seafood off course, which was really good. And don’t forget the cocktails.

We ended the evening just relaxing at home, next to the fireplace. Laughing and drinking wine. On Sunday it was time to go home again. One of the best weekends I have had in the West Coast.

Visited: September 2010


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