Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary

Jukani is a wildlife sanctuary specializing in big cats. We visited them when they were located just outside Mossel Bay, but they have since relocated to the Plettenberg Bay area. They have more than 40 big cats that was saved from horrendous circumstances, from lions being kept in a 2m x 2m cage to circus animals that was mistreated for the sake of entertainment. Me and a friend went to visit, it was her first time seeing a lion in real life. We were in time for the 14h00 tour and afterwards the guide that took us around said that we were welcome to stay for the 16h00 feeding tour, at no extra cost. We had time so we stayed. I must say you can see the animals knows when feeding time is as they all start to march up and down along the fences where as when we went around the first time, they were all pretty much just chilling in the winter sun. Some didn’t even lift their heads when our group came by then.

It’s very impressive those sounds that comes from the animals, and scary at the same time. We just had to ask the guide if anyone has manged to escape before. She said no, but those animals looked very hungry to me. They are still wild animals, so my heads tells me you never know. They do have sturdy camps and the people that works there seems to know what they are doing and really care for the animals. The one guy actually went into the camp with the white lion and petted him.

You can now buy a single ticket (R210-R260 per adult depending on the time of year) or you can purchase a ‘Combo ticket’ (R320 – R410 per adult) which gives you access to any 2 of the 3 sancturies (Jukani, Monkeyland and Birds of Eden). Or you can purchase a ‘Triptic ticket’ (R430-R520 per adult) to get access to all 3 sancturies.

Visited: August 2011


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