Tourists in Mossel Bay

Me and a friend was in Mossel Bay for a weekend. I was showing her around as she hasn’t been there before. We pretended that we were locals and pretty much drove around and had breakfast here and lunch there with a coffee in between. Our day started with a drive to the harbour. From there we drove up to the St Blaize lighthouse, which guided many ships safely into the Mossel Bay harbor. You get the best views from up there, overlooking the entire bay and off course the Point, as the locals lovingly refer to it. We drove down to Delfino’s for brunch. Delfino’s has become a kind of institution over the years. You haven’t been to Mossel Bay if you’ve never stopped there for a while to enjoy good food and coffee. Their pizza comes highly recommended. We drove to Hartenbos and walked down to the beach at the river mouth. Yes, we were those tourist doing cartwheels in winter on the beach. Typical. From there we went to Hartenbos ATKV we played some put-put and jumped on the trampolines. After building up quite an appetite we walked over┬áto┬áSpur for a late lunch. I’m not a particularly pig fan of Spur, from experience their burgers are the only thing that hasn’t disappointed in recent years. Ending our day in true Mossel Bay style with a soft serve by the seafront. And the cherry on top, was the southern right whale that entertained everyone around.

Visited: August 2011


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