Hiking Up Table Mountain

We met up at the Table Mountain Cable Way on a misty Saturday morning in May. From there we all cramped into a bakkie and drove to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens where our hike started. We took about 4 hours to climb Table Mountain from Kirstenbosch’s side to the Cable Way on top of Table Mountain. We were 10 hikers of average to less fitness levels. We rested a few times to take in the views and drink some water and snacked on some sweets. So we didn’t over do it. After spending some time at the top and cooling down, we took the cable car down the mountain where our cars were parked. ┬áThe mist never really fully lifted, but it made for completely different views from the top. And a somewhat interesting feeling when you descend into the mist with the cable car. I must say I am glad I can tick that one off my bucket list now.

You do pay an entrance fee at Kirstenbosch and then a one way ticket down the mountain, which cost us all and all less than R150. You should always keep in mind that there opportunists hiding on the mountain, so always go in groups and remember the sunscreen and water. Now a days you can easily make use of Uber or other public transport to get around which makes it slightly easier. Also keep in mind that Table Mountain is very popular among locals and tourist, so parking might be an issue.

Here are some tips to keep in mind when you plan on hiking up Table Mountain.

2011 Table Mountain_Fotortafelberg-6

Visited: May 2011


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