Matroosberg 4×4 (Ceres)

We decided to welcome spring with an impulsive outing to Ceres. We literally decided the Friday evening and got in the bakkie the Saturday with absolute no itinerary. Arriving in Ceres, we saw the Tourism info sign and turned in. The lady working that morning was very helpful and knowledgeable. After looking through the pamflets, we decided on the Matroosberg 4×4. Another decision you will never regret.

We were one of a handful of vehicles on the route the day. I don’t no much about 4×4 which makes for great entertainment for my husband when we pass through technical spots or slippery situations. But I enjoy every trip and always leave with a smile. This time around was no different. I must admit, there were a few moments where I thought ‘this is it, we are not going to get to the top’, luckily hubby knows his stuff. The views from the top over the valley is spectacular. We went in late September and there were still a few patches of lost snow at the top. We don’t get to pay in snow that often, so we made the most of the opportunity. My heart rate was much calmer on the way down. This will definitely not be my last 4×4 trip. Who knows which route will be next.

We paid R250 for the 4×4 trip, charged per vehicle. In summer you can also go cherry picking in the area. In the winter this is the spot to be when there are snowfall on the mountain and the slopes becomes a popular skiing destination. They also have a campsite and some chalets available which is ideal for a weekend getaway.

2014 Matroosberg_Fotor

Visited: September 2014


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