Namibia: A list of all my posts

Just to make things a little easier to follow all my blogs about our trip to Namibia, I compiled this list with links to all the posts. Things can get crazy when you try and share 11 000 km and 22 days of travel stories.

I will add links as the posts are published!

  1. Namibia, my first visit, but not my last!
  2. Our route and list of accommodation
  3. Witnessing a kill!
  4. Lessons learnt
  5. Day 1: Upington to Alte Kalkofen Lodge
  6. Alte Kalkofen Lodge
  7. Day 2: Alte Kalkofen Lodge to Sossusvlei
  8. Duwisib Castle
  9. Sossusvlei
  10. Sesriem Camp
  11. Day 3: Sossusvlei to Spitzkoppe
  12. Spitzkoppe Community Campsite



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