Gifberg outing (Vanrhynsdorp)

On one of our day outings we decided to go to the Cederberg area to look at the flowers. It was the end of August, which means flower season in the West Coast and Namakwaland. Unfortuantely, there was quite a bit of rain during the week and just after the turn-off to Algeria (just south of Clanwilliam), the road was flooded. My husband was unsure if it would be safe to drive through as the water was flowing fairly strong when he walked through. We opened the outdoors magazine we had with us and decided to head to Gifberg, just outside Vanrhynsdorp. (The turnoff is just south of Vanrhynsdorp on the N7.)

Neither one of us have been here before, so we didn’t know what to expect other than the flowers that was mentioned in the article. Very soon it feels like you’re on top of the world, and you get beautiful views down the mountain. It helps that everything was so green after the rain. We turned into Gifberg resort, according to the article they have a coffee shop and stopped at reception. They told us about the short hiking trail where you can see rock art and we treated ourselves to some coffee and cheesecake on their deck.

2013 Vanrhynsdorp 1_Fotor

We started the Potholes walk from the reception. It is a short 2km route which suited us as we were not really dressed for hiking. You see some interesting mini waterfalls that falls through a hole in the rocks. And there are also rock art.

Additional information on Gifberg resort:

  • There are 4 hiking trails (2, 4, 9 and 21km respectively)
  • Gifberg offers an intermediate 4×4 route (11km trail and you have to retrace your steps back again)
  • Self catering chalets
  • Coffee shop
  • Swimming pool

2013 Vanrhynsdorp 2_Fotor

Once you continue on the road anti-clockwise towards Vanrhynsdorp, and you have come down the mountain again, you find a little sign directing you to Waterval resort. There was still enough daylight so we turned in. This one left our jaws dropping. There is a short path from the campsite that you can take to the waterfall. Not just any waterfall, this one measures 380m! You can even lightly feel the water touch your face.

Additional information on Waterval resort:

  • Self catering chalets
  • Campsite
  • 2 Lapa buildings that can accommodate 30 people
  • Wedding venue that can accommodate about 100 people

Then it was time to head home again. What an unexpected and surprisingly great outing. Another reason why you should take that road that you never take every now and then. You don’t know what awaits you.

Visited: August 2013


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